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Product Demonstrations

Nate Listle, Marketing Student

Product Demonstrations

What is a Demonstration and how does it relate to Promotion?


A Demonstration is promotion where a product is demonstrated to potential customers. The goal of such a demonstration is to introduce customers to the product in hopes of getting them to purchase that item.



  •  Product Demonstration provides visual and audial support, which intern stimulates interest among consumers.
  • Installs a sense of ownership among the consumer.
  • Provides proof that the product works.
  • Fends off any concern about the product that the consumer may have had before the Demonstration.



  • Loss of interest may or may not happen if Demonstration drags out.
  • If product does not work properly during a Demonstration, it could mean catastrophical results for the company.


AIDA Model

 Attention- Your Demonstration should be done by a good talker, who is charismatic and cheerful, to attract attention towards your product.

Interest- Your product needs to be impressive and demonstrated well enough to gain the interest of your consumers.

Desire- Your consumer needs to be “wowed” and have a need for the product that you are demonstrating.

Action- After your demonstration you should make it easy and clear on how to purchase the product, whether it be through your website or over the phone, it needs to be clear enough for everyone to be able to figure it out.


Audience and Goal

 Audience- The audience for demonstrations is anyone who wants to see a product tested out before they purchase it. So, there is no real age range for demonstrations.

Goal- The goal of demonstrations is to show people how great the product you are selling is and why it would be useful to them. Then hopefully they realize they need or want the product and eventually make the purchase.


Western Marketing Program

  •  This would be an effective way to reach all three target markets.
  • A good message or goal would be to stress the fact that WTC is more than just a trades school.
  • You could take people interested in WTC on tours and show them all the classrooms and all the technology that are in the classrooms, and demonstrate all the different tools we get to use in the Marketing Program.


Surprises and Misconceptions

  • The biggest mistake a sales person can make is putting too much time in making the presentation cool and flash, but not knowing enough about the actual product.
  • When done right, demonstrations are one of the most effective selling techniques there is.



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