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Modernism Meets Historic La Crosse

Nate Listle, Marketing Student

Modernism Meets Historic La Crosse

Store Layout and Design is a crucial factor for Retail Marketing in 2019. Retailers in the La Crosse area are highly competitive with one another, this means each retailer needs to find something that sets them apart from the rest. Since most retailers in the same industry sell similar products they need to find something else to get people in their doors.

A great way to do this is by creating a cool and authentic atmosphere. A trend that has been going for a couple years is modernism mixing with rustic. With La Crosse being known for its long and great history, this is something that retailers in the Downton area could use to their advantage. People love walking through old and historical buildings, but when mixed with a modern touch it can take an old classic and turn it into a hub for all ages. Le Chateau in La Crosse is one business that has started doing this, with their basement lounge, shown in the graphic below.

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