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Nate Listle, Marketing Student

Retail Policies

Retail Policies are crucial to have to avoid internal and legal issues. Setting retail policies and procedures identifies the way a retail establishment operates daily. Establishing retail policies and procedures should provide employees and customers with definitive solutions to problems. Every retail establishment must have policies and procedures that are well-documented for employees and customers.…
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Resume Builder

After one year of taking Marketing classes I had enough knowledge to perform effective marketing for Custom Curbing who I worked for at the time. I now own that business and plan to take the marketing and the business as a whole to the next level. Custom Curbing primarily advertises on Facebook, so I thought…
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Personal Growth

When I started at Western Technical College I had no idea what I wanted to do. It took me two full years of taking generals and a semester off to figure out what I wanted to do, and that was Marketing. I love everything about Marketing, from how to promote products, to learning how people’s…
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Modernism Meets Historic La Crosse

Store Layout and Design is a crucial factor for Retail Marketing in 2019. Retailers in the La Crosse area are highly competitive with one another, this means each retailer needs to find something that sets them apart from the rest. Since most retailers in the same industry sell similar products they need to find something…
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What is a Retail Analysis? Why is it Important?

A Retail Analysis is any information that allows retailers to make smarter decisions and manage their businesses more effectively. There are 10 different components to a retail analysis, those are: Executive Summary Is a brief but comprehensive synopsis of a business plan or proposal, which highlights its key points and is generally adapted for the…
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7 Tools To Make Operations More Efficient

All business would benefit from optimizing there efficiency. This are the steps needed to do that: Step 1: Start with what isn’t working. Find out what is wrong. Work backwards to find out what is causing it. Fixing these problems will streamline your business and intern make it more profitable. Step 2: Provide employees with…
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Social Media Audit

Don’t get discouraged, a social media audit is not as bad as it sounds. A social media audit is basically just the process of reviewing what’s working, what’s failing and what can be improved upon across your social media channels. The Social Media Audit I preformed was on the Western Tech Marketing Pages, this included Facebook,…
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Social Media Ebook

FacebookGooglePlusSnapchat – This Ebook shows and demonstrates the usefulness of Facebook, Google Plus, and Snapchat in the Marketing World! I also will link information on other Social Media platforms that my classmates made into Ebooks. Pintrest Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube

Howie’s Group Project

Howie’s On La Crosse final report Our group did a research project for Howie’s on La Crosse, which included a lot of market research, a survey and a report. I had a lot of fun doing this as well as learning a lot of new and helpful information. I was blessed with having great partners…
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Bag of Tricks

Kate Santore is the lead Marketer of Coca-Cola and she has a very interesting take about “What If’s”. At Coca-Cola ideas and approaches are shared full circle, “Sharing our strategies and approach to marketing has been a tradition at Coca-Cola to open the door for other brands to learn from our 130 years of marketing…
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