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Email Marketing

Nate Listle, Marketing Student

Email Marketing


Definition: Email Marketing are just emails sent to potential or current customers informing them about deals, fundraising, or just promotion of items or service they sell.



Cost Effective– Sending emails are free and compared to standard mail there are no printing or any other costs associated with it.

Track ability– You can track emails and are able to tell which ones have been received and which accounts are no longer active.

Time– It is very time efficient creating an email and can latterly be distributed to millions in a matter of minutes.



Reliable– It is common for most consumers to receive several emails a day from different marketing campaigns and likely that most people will delete the email before even opening it or reading it.

Reputation– Some people don’t like the fact that their email is getting blown up by advertisements and can deter a consumer from buying your product.


AIDA Model

Attention- It is hard for a promotion email to grab the attention of a consumer.

Interest- Once reading the email if done right could hold the interest of the reader.

Desire- If there are good deals and good promotion techniques used it could add to the desire of that person towards your product.

Action- If the email is successful in the other three spots the consumer would then have to go out and buy your product.


Audience and Message

  • There is no real set audience for this kind of marketing, it is basically for anyone with an email. And the goal to this technique is to send emails out to a mass amount of people in hope that you will get a certain percentage of that huge group to open the email and a percentage from that group to act upon it.


Western Marketing Program

  • This could be an effective option for any of the three groups. If I had to pick one in which I think it would be most successful with I would pick the High School students. I would pick High School students because I think they would appreciate the fact that a school is reaching out to them instead of them having to look up everything about the school.


Surprises and Misconceptions

  • Certain trigger words can put you right in the spam folder. Words like “cash”, “quote”, “free”, and “save.”
  • Just because people are still on your email list doesn’t always mean they want to still receive your emails. You should analyze the email activity and if people constantly don’t interact with your email they should be pulled from the email list.
  • A good unsubscribing rate is under 1%.



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