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Bag of Tricks

Nate Listle, Marketing Student

Bag of Tricks

Kate Santore is the lead Marketer of Coca-Cola and she has a very interesting take about “What If’s”. At Coca-Cola ideas and approaches are shared full circle, “Sharing our strategies and approach to marketing has been a tradition at Coca-Cola to open the door for other brands to learn from our 130 years of marketing experience,” Kate says. She has to take a somewhat odd approach to marketing Coca-Cola, because instead of actually marketing the product, she actually is marketing the stories.  There are four main archetypes to the stories, object of desire, embodiment of attitude, social connector, and fictional offering or benefit. This can be applied to all businesses however, if the story can go on without your businesses name in it, then it is not a good story and it isn’t a story about your business. These corner stones of Marketing are starting to become common practice and very useful within the industry and a lot of it can be traced back to Kate Santore.


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